Ghosn lab logo

Ghosn Lab

Eliver Ghosn, an Immunologist friend from Stanford, recently started his lab at Emory University. He had a clear idea of what he wanted his lab to represent, and we collaboratively came up with this fun logo.

He works on innate-like B cells and wants his lab to be an open, creative and collaborative environment. We tried to convey this by the rainbow-coloured endoplasmic reticulum, the nucleus which is the Adinkra symbol for unity and human relations. I am a sucker for puns, and I like his tagline of B-your cell, representing his research interest in B cells but also encouraging anyone on his team to pursue what interests them.

Find out why the B in B-cell does NOT stand for boring, here.

Auryn logo

Auryn Network simulator

You might be familiar with Auryn, the talisman from Micheal Ende’s, book the Neverending story. It also happens to be a network simulator. Friede, my partner, made it during his PhD, and when he asked me to make the logo, I designed intertwined neurons, as a nod to the original. Find out more about Auryn here.

WIMM Postdoc association logo

MRC WIMM Postdoc Association

When the WIMM postdoc association decided to create a logo for itself, Lise Chauveau and I came up with this. Find out more about the WPA  here.


MRC WIMM Diversity and Inclusion Committee logo

MRC WIMM Diversity & Inclusion

Working collaboratively with members of the WIMM diversity and inclusion committee we made this logo. Colourful Giemsa banding make cheerful chromosomes.