Zenke Lab Coat of Arms

When Friedemann started his lab, he wanted to have a coat of arms that represents his research interests. So I asked him for his favorite experiment and equation in Neuroscience. His favorite experiments were from Hodgkin and Huxley who probed the inner workings of a giant squid axon. But I took some artistic license because an Octopus makes a better companion for this shield. Spikes, a synapse, and networks adorn the shield. The equation is a leaky integrate-and-fire neuron model. Visit the Zenke lab here.


Lauscher is an artificial cochlear model which was used to create spiking auditory datasets. It was developed by a group of researchers at the University of Heidelberg and FMI. Lauscher in German literally means big ears. When I designed it I made a cuddly big ear creature listening to the digits 1386, the year that the University of Heidelberg was founded. For the dataset go here and for the software here.


SNUFA is an online workshop on spiking neural networks. I came up with a spikey mascot for it and the folks seemed to like it and it may become a repeated feature. Find out more here.


Stork is a library for training spiking neural networks using Pytorch. Originally named s-torch (spiking torch ) which is the German name for the bird Storch. Unfortunately, Storch was already taken to we named it Stork and designed the logo with the bird in mind. You can find the library here.


You might be familiar with Auryn, the talisman from Micheal Ende’s, book the Neverending story. It also happens to be a network simulator. Friede, my partner, made it during his Ph.D., and when he asked me to make the logo, I designed intertwined neurons, as a nod to the original. Find out more about Auryn here.

MRC WIMM Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Working collaboratively with members of the WIMM diversity and inclusion committee we made this logo. Colorful Giemsa banding makes cheerful chromosomes.

WIMM Postdoc association

When the WIMM postdoc association decided to create a logo for itself, Lise Chauveau and I came up with this. Find out more about the WPA  here.

Ghosn Lab Logo

Ghosn lab

When Eliver Ghosn, started his lab at Emory University, he had a clear idea of what he wanted his lab to represent. We came up with this fun logo. He works on innate-like B cells and wants his lab to be an open, creative and collaborative environment. We tried to convey this by the rainbow-colored endoplasmic reticulum, the nucleus which is the Adinkra symbol for unity and human relations. I am a sucker for puns, and I like his tagline of B-your cell, representing his research interest in B cells but also encouraging anyone on his team to pursue what interests them. Find out more here.

Personal Logo

Remember when Prince became a symbol? For giggles, I thought, what would that look like for me. It turns out it is a colorful bird. If you squint and can read Devanagari script, the yellow eye, beak, and turquoise eyebrows resemble the first letter of my name, ‘K’.