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Concepts in Basic Immunology and beyond

What are the origins of the macrophages residing in different tissues? Do they originate during embryonic development or can they be derived from long-term hematopoietic stem cells? The answer depends on the tissues of origin. Work from the Ghosn lab. The work was featured on the cover of JI!
Phages don't just eat bacteria but can enter into a symbiotic association with their host. I learned about this absolutely new concept at the Bollyky lab. My mind was definitely blown.
I started Immunology research at the Kopf lab in ETH. Here, using many disease models we tried to elucidate the functions of various cytokines. I was tasked with IL-21 and IL-2

Extracellular matrix and Immunity

The Bollyky lab has been studying the functions of the extracellular matrix component, Hyaluronan(HA). HA depending on its molecular size can be proinflammatory or antiinflammatory. Leveraging this duality of function, the lab tested alleviating inflammation either by inhibiting HA synthesis in autoimmunity, and transplantation models or by boosting tolerance using HA-based hydrogels. 

Pulmonary Immunology

For the longest time I worked on models of chronic lung inflammation, investigating the functions of different cytokines, specific cell types and the microbiome .